Asian Graphic Design by anipstudio presents the collections of contemporary Graphic Design from different part of Asia. Even though globalization seems to have resulted in the different cultures and societies getting more alike, many regional designs still retain distinctive characteristics. These particularities have been captured in this compilation of exceptional works of Graphic Design

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Indonesian Beauty by ~RixTwelve

Nusantara By *BountyList

Semar by ~bells31ita

Zamrud Khatulistiwa by ~meitantei

Inspiring Graphic Design artwork relating to Indonesia

here are some example of Graphic Design in Indonesia. Similar with my previous post on creating a design, first thing that important is what element that you use and your theme. In the design by Indonesian Graphic designers above, they maintain using their culture as a subject matter, by using all the element that we can found in Indonesia. Most of the element are from the nature, which is the closest to us. 

amazingly beautiful art from Indonesia Graphic Design, and such a beautiful country!!

for more Graphic Design example from Indonesia, you are welcome to visit:

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