Asian Graphic Design by anipstudio presents the collections of contemporary Graphic Design from different part of Asia. Even though globalization seems to have resulted in the different cultures and societies getting more alike, many regional designs still retain distinctive characteristics. These particularities have been captured in this compilation of exceptional works of Graphic Design

Monday, 23 January 2012


here are some design by a Korean Graphic Designer, Cooky Yoon. combination between Typography and a simple image could create extremely beautiful attraction especially for Advertising in Graphic Design. Enjoy.

" Design is like cooking, I have to think of my own recipe. To make the perfect design I have to have the perfect recipe. I'm trying to cook a design to express my natural feelings because all me work is done with true heart. I’m still hungry for design." Cooky Yoon

for more Graphic Design example from Cooky Yoon, you are welcome to visit: