Asian Graphic Design by anipstudio presents the collections of contemporary Graphic Design from different part of Asia. Even though globalization seems to have resulted in the different cultures and societies getting more alike, many regional designs still retain distinctive characteristics. These particularities have been captured in this compilation of exceptional works of Graphic Design

Monday, 23 January 2012

some ADVERTISING example from Egypt for Graphic Design by Mahmoud Fathy. Mahmoud Fathy creates contemporary works that linger seductively in a classical visual canon, to allow access to the designs created. “I use a lot of iconic images from childhood memories, cultural motifs, not to create exotic fetishes, but to remind people how seeing itself can always be reinvented anew”

From Mahmoud Fathy discription on how his getting his idea, he use images from around him, his childhood, culture and environment which could developed into some great ideas for Graphic Design.

for more Graphic Design example from Mahmoud Fathy, you are welcome to visit:

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